Team up with a family law attorney in Shreveport or Bossier City, LA

By hiring an experienced family law attorney, you can make sure your interests are protected. Kammer & Huckabay, LTD - APLC can help you build a case and argue for the best possible outcome for your situation. Attorney Huckabay practices many areas of family law in Shreveport and Bossier City, LA, including:

  • Making child custody agreements and arranging for child support
  • Taking care of estate planning during or after a divorce
  • Protecting and enforcing child visitation rights

We will go to court and fight for you! Arrange for a consultation with a skilled family law attorney by calling our office today.

Get help with the adoption process

Adoption is a wonderful way to expand your family, but can involve some complicated legal issues. It is important to work with a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney who is experienced in adoption law in order to establish a smooth adoption process. At Kammer & Huckabay we strive to simplify the adoption process for our clients and efficiently resolve all of the legal issues that arise in conjunction with the adoption process. Whether you're working with an agency or are just starting your search, we can help you at any step of your journey.