Law Services


Property Settlement

Our attorneys represent clients facing divorce in particularly high conflict and high asset cases. Following a divorce, the process of dividing property and assets can be overwhelming and complicated. We assist you in obtaining the use of the property you need to function on a day to day basis during the divorce. We have the experience and skill to handle complicated property partitions dealing with family businesses and retirement accounts. We start early and work hard to complete the process as quickly and easily as possible.



One of our strengths at Kammer & Huckabay, LTD - APLC is creating thorough and aggressive strategy plans to help your business avoid unnecessary lawsuits. Whether it involves collecting account receivables, purchasing assets, creating an operating agreement or defending any lawsuits or claims, we want to be there for all of your needs. We are ready to build a life long relationship of honest and straight forwarded advice, whether it be inside or outside of the courtroom.



We have over twenty-five years of experience handling probate, estate planning, successions, wills and trusts. To take the burden off your family, we will provide you with the guidance necessary to help you plan for your future. Regardless of the size of your assets, everyone needs a last will and testament. We craft a custom tailored solution for each of our clients. In the time of need, we will help your family through the transition. Once a loved one has passed away, we work hard to see that the transfer of ownership from the decedent to the heirs is handled quickly and efficiently. In cases of conflict, we will fight hard to protect your assets in court.


Estate Planning in a Divorce

People do not realize that if you are divorced and leave everything to your children, your ex-spouse could have control over all of your children's assets. The attorneys at Kammer and Huckabay can cure this problem. We can inexpensively create a document to allow your children's assets to be controlled by your family and not your ex-spouse after your death. With careful planning, we can protect your children's assets and allow your family to continue their relationship with your children after your death.



Adoption is a wonderful way to expand your family, but can involve some complicated legal issues. It is important to work with a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney who is experienced in adoption law in order to establish a smooth adoption process. At Kammer & Huckabay we strive to simplify the adoption process for our clients and efficiently resolve all of the legal issues that arise in conjunction with the adoption process. While adoptions can be extremely complex and difficult, we have a strong track record of success. We will guide you through the adoption process and ensure that your adoption is legally secure.



Separations can be a complicated process that often leads to legal nightmares, whether contested or uncontested. It is important to seek the advice of an experienced attorney rather than relying solely on the language in the legal documents. This often leads to significant aspects of the divorce proceeding being overlooked, which can be a critical mistake. You deserve a voice in the process. Let us make sure you get every legal advantage as possible throughout the divorce proceeding. We always take the time to determine our client's most important concerns about life after divorce.


Child Custody / Support

At Kammer & Huckabay, we represent parents, grandparents and guardians in custody litigation. Whether you have primary custody or are involved in a divorce proceeding, let us fight to preserve your place in your child's life. We understand the difficulties of starting over and how stressful the first steps are for you and your children. We will be there for you during this process. Our attorneys are experienced in assisting clients with finding a solution inside or outside of the courtroom.


Personal Injury

Accidents can happen to anyone. Under Louisiana law, victims of personal injury claims may be entitled to compensation for their property damages, physical and emotional injuries, loss wages and medical bills. At Kammer and Huckabay, we work intensely to defend the rights of injured people against insurance companies. Our goal is to make sure that our clients receive the proper medical treatment they need as well as being fully compensated for their injuries.


Criminal Felonies/Misdemeanors

While felonies are more severe and concerning than misdemeanors, the reality is that any criminal charge is a serious matter. Our firm has been dealing with felonies and misdemeanors for more than two decades. We have defended many clients against very complex and grueling criminal charges. Our extensive experience in federal and state courts ensures that our clients receive the best legal services possible. Whether it is your first time to appear in court to answer to criminal charges or not, your situation can be exceedingly daunting. As your representative, we strive to see that the criminal charges against you are minimized as low as possible or dismissed all together. If necessary, we will take your case to trial and fight on your behalf.